Superfoods that are dangerous to overeat

Superfoods that are dangerous to overeat
Superfoods that are dangerous to overeat

The term "" gives peace of mind to many people to consume huge amounts of foods considered very beneficial. But as with any useful or harmful thing, so with superfoods one must be careful, because the leading indicator is quantity.

When you consume too much of any food, be it one of the most beneficial, there are he alth risks as well as side effects.

The site Brightside decided to test the maxim "the poison is in the quantity" and find out what are the negative effects of overeating some superfoods.

Broccoli can irritate the gut

Broccoli is a nutrient-dense, low-calorie superfood.They are an excellent source of vitamin C, vegetable proteins, potassium. However, they are also extremely rich in fiber, which on the one hand is good for the digestive system, but on the other hand can cause digestive disorders if too much is consumed. Too much fiber can cause gas, bloating, pain, diarrhea.

Overeating broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables can interfere with blood-thinning medications because of their high vitamin K content. This vitamin plays a role in blood coagulation.

Overeating salmon can thin the blood

Salmon is a superfood that is a rich source of he althy proteins, fats and omega-3s. It's one of the he althiest choices you can make, but eating too much of it can affect the platelets in your blood, blocking the ability to clot normally. Salmon is also one of the fish with high mercury content.When you consume too much salmon at one time, your body can become oversaturated with the dangerous metal.

Cinnamon can have a toxic effect

Cinnamon is considered a superfood because of its blood sugar balancing properties and the rich presence of antioxidants in it. It is considered useful in the fight against cardiovascular and cancer diseases. It has a metabolism-accelerating effect.

However, overdoing cinnamon can have a toxic effect on the liver. The active substance of cinnamon - coumarin, in large quantities can damage the liver.

Avocado causes weight gain

Gaining fat doesn't just happen when you eat refined carbohydrates and fried fatty foods. It also happens when you abuse he althy superfoods like avocados. It is high in calories and very rich in useful fats, which, however, cause weight gain in large quantities. Otherwise, avocado is useful because of its presence of vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin E, omega-3, fiber.It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. But in large quantities it can also cause digestive problems.

Hummus can cause weight gain

Hummus is a popular superfood because of the ingredients it is made from - sesame tahini and chickpeas. These ingredients are a rich source of useful vegetable proteins, fats, fibers, complex carbohydrates. They have the ability to balance blood sugar, cholesterol and improve digestion. When you overeat on hummus, however, it can take a toll on your figure.

Kombucha can increase uric acid

The fermented drink is very useful because of the high content of probiotics and antioxidants. However, too much kombucha in the body can be dangerous for people with weak immune systems. Because this drink is unpasteurized and prepared at home, it contains bacteria and yeast, which can be a he alth threat to people with compromised immunity.In addition, kombucha increases acidity in the body, which can also cause an increase in uric acid in the blood.

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