What your body needs when you suffer from arthritis

What your body needs when you suffer from arthritis
What your body needs when you suffer from arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that affects the musculoskeletal system, especially the joints. This disease, like many others, is accompanied by ailments such as pain, stiffness, distortion of the fingers.

To reduce these ailments, your body needs regular exercise, light massage and foods rich in important elements. See what should be on your table to be in good he alth and free from joint pain.


Indispensable spice that not only gives a pleasant taste to food and tea, but also helps with arthritic pain. Be sure to add it to your meals because it has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.


Be sure to eat them if you want to avoid vitamin C deficiency. One bowl of red peppers contains about 90-95 mg of vitamin C. Peppers are richer in the important vitamin than most citrus fruits consumed. In addition, they are also a good source of folic acid and vitamin B6.


Foods Rich in Vitamin C

can successfully help reduce arthritis discomfort. As we are in the season where we start to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables more and more, make sure to eat oranges, mangoes, strawberries and beans every day to supply the necessary amount of vitamin C that your body needs. According to specialists, the daily recommended intake of the vitamin for men is 90 mg, and for women 75 mg.


In order to combat the discomforts of arthritis, your body needs an adequate amount of he althy fats and omega-3 fatty acids. An ideal food with which you can get the useful ingredients and stay in good shape is salmon.

This fish is also rich in calcium, vitamin D and folic acid. Besides its consumption helps with arthritis, it protects the heart from heart disease. Its useful ingredients prevent the formation of blood clots and take care of the he alth of blood vessels.


Bananas are a wonderful fruit and are rich in potassium as well as vitamin B6, folate and vitamin C. All of these are important in fighting arthritis pain. Eat a banana or two for breakfast every day.


If you are a seafood lover and you love shrimp, eat them more often and forget about arthritis pain. They are rich in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C, including iron and vitamin B12.



there should always be cheese on your table. No matter if it's plain, soft cheese or blue. Cheese gives your bones and muscles the calcium they need. Depending on its type, it can also be a good source of vitamin B6 and folic acid.


Lentils, like other legumes, are rich in nutrients that help protect the body against cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis. They are a good source of folic acid, vitamin B6, vegetable protein and useful fiber.

Green tea

Green tea is the drink you should think about more often. Slightly astringent in taste, it is rich in antioxidant chemicals called polyphenols. According to recent studies, its consumption can alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

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