What does overdoing almonds lead to?

What does overdoing almonds lead to?
What does overdoing almonds lead to?

are one of the most delicious and he althy nuts that many people love to eat. If you consume them with the main meals, in combination with other nut mixes or as an afternoon snack, and in addition use almond milk, the chances of overdoing the intake of almonds are quite high. And this is no joke.

Are there any he alth risks from over-consumption of almonds? The short answer is yes.

Almonds are extremely rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin E. They are a wonderful breakfast. They do not contain very many calories. A standard serving of 30 grams of almonds contains about 163 calories and 14 grams of fat.This is also the recommended intake per day, according to Livestrong.com.

However, if you exceed this intake there is a risk of he alth ailments and problems.

Excessive intake of almonds in any form, including liquid (almond milk) carries the risk of weight gain and even obesity. Almonds and almond products are high in calories and very high in fat. They are useful, but their quantity should be taken care of, because the nutritional load they add to the rest of the food we eat should not be neglected.

Almond flour is also an increasingly preferred product as a substitute for standard high-glycemic white flour with gluten. However, almond flour is high in calories and fat. If you overdo it as well, it will predispose you to weight gain, high cholesterol and other he alth problems.

Why should be careful with the intake of almonds?

Almonds are high in vitamin E. It is a very useful antioxidant, but not if you overdo it. Manganese in almonds in large quantities can cause disturbances in the effect of some medicines - medicines for high blood pressure, antipsychotics, antacids, laxatives (to relieve constipation), some antibiotics, writes livestrong.com.

Overdosing on vitamin E can cause diarrhea, dizziness, blurred vision, headache, gas, and bloating.

Almonds are very rich in fiber. Overdoing them can have the opposite effect on digestion, because as we know, fiber favors the processing of food in the intestines. Excessive fiber intake can make it difficult for the intestines to work, cause unpleasant symptoms, even pain.

Don't give up eating almonds. They are extremely useful. It is important to be careful with the amount taken. Too much of any he althy food can have harmful effects.

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