7 ways to reduce the discomfort of overeating

7 ways to reduce the discomfort of overeating
7 ways to reduce the discomfort of overeating

All of us have overeaten at least once or twice in our lives, and some much more often. Whether we do it out of gluttony or simply for the love of food, overeating happens to the best and sometimes the strictest dieters. But overeating has many negative he alth consequences – in addition to the feeling of heaviness and discomfort, it can lead to stomach enlargement, gastrointestinal problems, heartburn, gas and, of course, unwanted weight gain.

Still, if this happens, we must accept that it has happened and think about how to neutralize the unpleasant effects of overeating. Here are some ways that might help:

Stop if you feel you have overeat

You might be thinking - "So and so, I've eaten too much, let me eat some more". Not a good idea, friends. If you feel that you have overeaten, just stop eating. It is much easier to control your weight if you overeat at just one meal of the day than if you overeat at all. Nutritionist Cher Pastor advises to think of calories as money. If you spent one lev, you'll be fine, but if you spend 100 levs, over and over again, then you're broke, right?

Mentally you have to go on

The best thing you can do after you've been through it is to move on without beating yourself up and blaming yourself. Instead, accept that you are human and that nothing human is alien to you. Accept your mistake and try not to repeat it. A guilty conscience won't do you any good, that's for sure.

Take a walk

If it happens that you feel heavy and full of food and drink, don't make the mistake of lying down, but take a walk.10-15 minutes would be enough to feel significantly better and even refreshed. This will clear your mind and support your digestive system, improving blood sugar levels. If you decide to lie down on the couch after a big lunch or dinner, the glucose in your blood will circulate longer, and if you walk, the sugar starts to be used in the body instead of being stored.

Drink a spoonful of apple cider vinegar

Nikki Ostrower, who is a nutritionist, gives a suggestion for such a malaise, resulting from overeating, to mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. This combination aids digestion and cleanses the liver, contains a probiotic and relieves stomach discomfort.


Drink a cup of mint tea

To reduce the feeling of heaviness and limit the harm of overeating, drink a cup of peppermint tea. Due to its valuable qualities and aromas, you will feel relief and be able to control your hunger and thirst for more food and drink.

Have an Unloading Day

After you have eaten more food, it is recommended to be moderate the next day, not to consume processed foods, as they are the most common and easiest way to overeat.

The water, ah, the water

When you're so full you feel like you're going to burst, you don't want to drink anything else, not even water. But this is a mistake, because it is water that will help you to cleanse the body. Drinking water can help you process some of the sodium quickly and speed up your metabolism.

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