The useful properties of pears

The useful properties of pears
The useful properties of pears

In the transitional seasons, the body needs vitamins and protection against colds the most. At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the market abounds with fresh fruits that we can eat with pleasure. Pears are an extremely tasty and useful fruit. We like to eat them in compote, jam, sweets and of course fresh.

How do pears care for your he alth?

They are rich in useful fibers (fibers) and vitamins B2, C, E, as well as the trace elements copper and potassium. They contain a greater amountpectin (soluble fiber) from apples. They are a source of dietary fiber, favor the function of the gastrointestinal tract and are recommended (in juice form) for infants.

Pears help maintain normal blood pressure. High levels of vitamin C protect cells from damage, which reduces the risk of certain cancers.

If you suffer from constipation, pears are the fruit that will help you normalize bowel function. The pectin contained in them is a powerful diuretic and has a laxative effect. To solve the problem of irregular stomach, consume fresh pears or pear juice daily.

Pears are rich in fructose and glucose, which will give you energy throughout the day. They are a powerful immunostimulant, have an anti-inflammatory effect and help patients suffering from osteoporosis.

They are also useful for pregnant women,because they contain folates (folic acid).

Normalize metabolic processes,which makes them a preferred fruit in many dietary diets. Consume them daily and enjoy good he alth, energy and a regular stomach.

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