Top 6 Foods to Boost Metabolism (Gallery)

Top 6 Foods to Boost Metabolism (Gallery)
Top 6 Foods to Boost Metabolism (Gallery)

Metabolism is a very complex mechanism. It's not just about the rate at which food breaks down. The number on the scale is by no means the only indicator of a fast metabolism. Metabolic he alth goes far beyond the rate at which food is digested. Many people think that a fast metabolism is the only important thing to lose weight and keep it off. In fact, metabolism depends on the body's overall he alth, longevity, the body's ability to deal with inflammation, to provide energy for vital processes, according to Case Integrative He alth.

The two medical terms “metabolic he alth” and “metabolic rate” are not interchangeable. They have their specific differences, and to understand metabolism in general, it is good to first familiarize yourself with the differences between these two terms.

He explains that “metabolic he alth” refers to how well the body is able to break down and efficiently absorb nutrients, micro- and macro-elements so that provide energy for every life process. To perform its functions, the body needs sufficient energy for respiration, life-sustaining functions, as well as those related to mental and physical he alth, including energy for daily tasks and exercise.

A he althy metabolism goes far beyond the breakdown of nutrients and means much more than the numbers that appear on the scale when you step on it. Longevity, general he alth, prevention of chronic diseases, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and other he alth problems depend on a he althy and complete metabolism.

There are many factors on which the speed of metabolism depends It represents the speed with which the body manages to provide the necessary nutrients and elements to ensure all processes in the body so that it does not suffer from deficiencies and difficulties.The more balanced the metabolism, the greater the chance for more he alth and longevity.

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