5 he althy habits for a fast metabolism

5 he althy habits for a fast metabolism
5 he althy habits for a fast metabolism

Speeding up the metabolism is one of the main principles of weight control. We are used to thinking that sports and regular cardio training are the key to a fast metabolism. We also believe that the number of calories is most important to how much fat we will be able to burn. This is as true as it is woefully inadequate when it comes to metabolism.

Metabolism is an extremely complex system that affects every biochemical reaction in the body. It represents the rate at which the body digests and processes the calories taken in, turning them into energy for the purposes of body processes. Metabolism is not just about how many calories you take in and how many you burn through movement and body work.It's much more complicated than that.

When we talk about “slow metabolism” we mean the body's tendency to store fat even though you are not overeating. The so-called "fast metabolism" on the other hand, burns the calories taken in without much effort on your part, which allows you to eat abundantly, even overeat, without this leading to weight gain.

But metabolic processes are not at all reduced to whether you gain or lose weight. Metabolic he alth encompasses every process in the body. Metabolism is a set of cellular mechanisms that generate energy, provide a nutrient resource for every process in the body, on which overall he alth depends.

If somewhere in the chain of processing and absorption of nutrients there is a disturbance, it can lead to weight gain, obesity and the appearance of diseases.

How to speed up your metabolism?

Build Lean Muscle

Physical activity is important not just to burn more calories to lose weight, but to build muscle tissue. When you gradually begin to replace fat with muscle, many things will change in your body. One of them is that you will be able to burn more calories even in a relaxed state, because the more muscle tissue there is, the more energy it needs for its work. If you manage to increase your muscle mass, it will also speed up your metabolism.

Raise your pulse

It's no accident that cardio is so important to rev up your metabolism. The more and more often you make your heart beat faster, the more resources your body uses. Regular aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up speeds up your metabolism and helps burn calories and fat.

Eat more fiber

Adding more fiber to your diet can help speed up your metabolism. More vegetables and fruits on the menu every day means fewer excess calories, but more fiber, which improves digestion, balances blood sugar and speeds up metabolism.

Eat less sugar

If you can completely abstain from sugar, it will be the most useful gift you will give your body. Sugar is harmful and dangerous not only for diabetics. It causes inflammation in the cells, which over time creates the conditions for unlocking chronic and degenerative diseases.

Drink more water

A well-hydrated body has a faster metabolism. If the body is struggling with dehydration, it is more difficult to speed up the metabolism. On the contrary, the opposite is happening. Absorption of substances slows down and becomes difficult in the absence of sufficient fluids. In order for the metabolism to be fast enough, you need to drink more water to properly break down sugars and fats in the body.

Sleep more

If sleep hasn't been a priority for you up until now, or for some reason you don't get enough sleep every night, it affects your metabolism by slowing it down. To normalize the processes in your body, get the necessary amounts of regular and full sleep.

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