All the cool things that happen in the body when you eat spicy food

All the cool things that happen in the body when you eat spicy food
All the cool things that happen in the body when you eat spicy food

Spicy lovers might be happy to know that they have many more wonderful reasons to eat spicy foods more often besides the great taste. Spicy foods have the amazing property of improving he alth. Chili peppers are among the he althiest spicy foods you can choose on your menu. The Capsaicin in them is a substance that gives them their spicy and hot taste. According to research published in the American Chemical Society, cited by Science Daily, capsaicin is not coincidentally used in various medicinal products and nutritional supplements to relief pain and suppress inflammation.

Experts and scientists from the Cleveland Clinic add that capsaicin causes a physiological reaction that creates a sensation of heat in the body. In reality, it does not “burn” the tissues, as it feels, but deceives the brain that a temperature change has occurred, resulting in a feeling of heat, writes he In fact, raising the body's internal temperature is a means of cooling it down.

The feeling is similar to a viral or infectious disease where the body raises its internal temperature to fight the infection. After the temperature drops, the feeling is cooling. Similarly, hot and spicy foods make you sweat and cool down, according to verywellhe

How can hot peppers and spicy foods improve your he alth?

One of the short-term positive effects of the heat is the cooling of the body.But the long-term effects of regular chili consumption are even more impressive. Studies show that people who regularly eat spicy foods, especially chili peppers, have a significantly lower risk of premature death compared to those who rarely eat spicy foods or do not eat them at all such foods.

Among the possible reasons for these positive effects of chili peppers is their ability to improve gastrointestinal he alth, promote metabolism and weight control, reduce bad cholesterol.

Capsaicin has a number of benefits and for the functions of some organs in the body. According to Science Daily, cited by he, capsaicin can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels by breaking it down and helping to remove it from the body, improving the condition of the cardiovascular system. This beneficial effect of hot peppers is also of great importance for liver functions.

High cholesterol affects the course of processes in it and contributes to the formation of fat deposits, causing liver steatosis and liver diseases subsequently. Chili peppers lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of these liver problems.

Remember not to overdo it with spicy foods and hot peppers. Although in small amounts every day they are useful, their abundant consumption can cause serious irritations of the digestive tract and excretory system.

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