Rituals for cleaning negative energy from home

Rituals for cleaning negative energy from home
Rituals for cleaning negative energy from home

Energy purification is very important for harmony in the home, for the well-being of the family, against lessons, for more happiness and prosperity. Ancient peoples all over the world have their own rituals for purifying space and banishing evil demons, evil eyes and negative energy.

For example, in ancient Japan, purification rituals called harae are still common today. Before entering a Shinto shrine, worshipers and visitors must cleanse themselves with water at the shrine's door, a ritual that inspires the purification of energy in the home.

There are many energy clearing rituals and counter lessons around the world. Here are some of them.

Ritual with Palo Santo

Palo Santo or the "wood of the saints" has been used for centuries in various healing and purification ceremonies in the ancient Inca Empire of South America. The main role of burning palo santo sticks and their ritual burning is mainly to purify the space. Interestingly, due to its sacred nature, Palo Santo can only be harvested from trees that have died of natural causes and not been cut down.

How to use Palo Santo?

Light a Palo Santo stick in a ceramic plate and let the wood burn for one minute. Blow out the flame and let the smoke drift through the areas you want to clear. Move with the smoldering smoke of the sacred tree. Allow the smoke to spread throughout the room or home. With gratitude you can ask the spirits for protection and blessing.

S alt Ritual

S alt is a symbol of purity in nature.It has been used for centuries in the Shinto tradition for purification. The Japanese space-clearing practice of mori-shio involves placing small bowls of s alt or piles of s alt in the corners of a room or by the door to remove negative energy.

Place a small pile of s alt in front of the front door. Thus, upon entering the home, you will free yourself from negative energy and will not allow it to enter your home. Sprinkle a pinch of s alt in a bowl and place in each corner of the rooms in the home. Thus the energy will be constantly purified as it flows through the premises.


Incense is well known in our country. Burning the space in the home with incense is a ritual that we usually do on holidays. Burning incense in the home is believed to have purifying and healing powers, to bring happiness, prosperity and to cleanse the home of demons. Frankincense has very powerful antibacterial properties, which further purifies the air in the home.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a fragrant means to purify the energy in the home. You can use a diffuser or a s alt lamp to diffuse aroma.


The sound and consonance of multiple tones have been used for healing powers for millennia. There is evidence that even the earliest civilizations used music and the sounds of various tools and instruments to purify energy and perform rituals.

The tuning fork is a wonderful tool that can be used to purify the energy in space. Its subtle vibrations float through the air and cause purifying waves. Tap the tuning fork on some crystal and let the sound float around you.

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