What causes dark circles besides lack of sleep?

What causes dark circles besides lack of sleep?
What causes dark circles besides lack of sleep?

Dark circles around the eyes are a terrible and beauty-threatening problem. Many women do not pay attention to dark circles, thinking that they appeared from lack of sleep. This is just one of the things that cause dark circles around the eyes.

What else can cause dark circles and puffiness?

Irregular diet

By detoxifying, you can drastically reduce dark circles. Often, improper nutrition causes fluid retention, swelling and changes in the pigmentation of the tissues on the surface of the skin.

Proper regular detoxification of the body helps in eliminating this unpleasant skin problem.

Not enough sleep

To remove dark circles around the eyes, you must not miss a good night's sleep. Going to bed late and getting up early are the two biggest enemies of the beauty of the skin around the eyes.

The process of withdrawing fluids from the tissues through the blood is slow, because the metabolism is also reduced during sleep. When we sleep too little, our body doesn't have time to carry out all the recovery procedures, and it shows in our appearance.

Check your thyroid

Changes in the work of the thyroid gland can give reflections in the skin around the eyes. Lack of concentration, stubborn outbursts, weight loss, hair loss, fatigue can be accompanying symptoms of increased thyroid function, an indicator of which are dark circles around the eyes.

In case of decreased thyroid gland function, it is very typical to observe swelling and puffiness around the eyelids in addition to dark coloration.

Check your iron and vitamin B12 levels

Another indicator of dark circles is low iron and lack of vitamin B12 in the body. This can lead to a deterioration in oxygen balance and tissue uptake, making the blood more prone to clotting. This is how the dark circles around the eyes appear.

You don't emphasize vitamin K

Vitamin K is found in liver, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, dark green and leafy vegetables, carrots, spinach, strawberries.

Vitamin K is very important for blood clotting and circulation. Poor blood circulation causes dark circles around the eyes. Therefore, more of these products should be taken, which will contribute to improving blood circulation and vitamin K levels.

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