5 priceless things the scale won't tell you

5 priceless things the scale won't tell you
5 priceless things the scale won't tell you

Do you start your day by weighing yourself? I will. I let the scale decide what my mood will be today, whether I'll feel good about the numbers I've seen or feel guilty and bad all day that I'm not who I want or should be again. But I got a little tired of this game and decided not to entrust my emotions to a small plastic-glass object anymore, because it does not show the whole me, as I am, but only a part. What are the things the scale doesn't tell me?

That I am he althy

Yes, I am not of perfect measurements. A little more than I would like and a lot less than what is dangerous to he alth. But the most important thing is that I'm he althy, and that's something that the scale doesn't show. He only sees low self-esteem and nothing more.

That I'm beautiful

That my smile is more important than the dial. That today will never come back and it's up to me to spend it smiling, in a good mood, grateful to have me, here and now.

That I have nice body curves even though I'm not Adriana Lima

And if Adriana Lima has a whole team of personal instructors, massage therapists, make-up artists, hairdressers at her disposal, I don't! I only have myself and my limited time, as in addition to being a working woman, I am also a mother of 2 children, a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend, and I want to be fulfilled in these relationships, not in my relationship with the scale…

That I am needed

Nah, the scale can't tell you, but I can. You and I are needed by our loved ones, we are needed in this world because we are different and make the world colorful, crazy and colorful. Is it interesting that we are all perfect? Bored.

That I am loved

And this weighs more than all the kilos in the world, cellulite, stretch marks and imperfections. The most meaningful thing is to love and be loved. Everything else is vanity. If it is within he althy limits - great, it will keep us fit. But if you get past the normal vanity, stop for a moment and think about all that you are, but not visible in the mirror and not reflected in the numbers on the scale. “The essential is invisible to the eye.” Right?

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