How to control weight during different periods of our life

How to control weight during different periods of our life
How to control weight during different periods of our life

Being overweight is far from just an aesthetic problem. Extra pounds harm the body in many different ways, and if measures are not taken in time, these problems can seriously endanger our he alth.

In addition to adults, in recent years the problem of overweight and obesity has also been noticed as a trend among children. In 2016, the World He alth Organization released extremely alarming data. More than 1.9 billion people over the age of 18 are overweight, and the statistics for children are no less disturbing - 41 million children under the age of 5 have weight problems.

Excess weight increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, fertility problems, pregnancy complications, asthma, cancer, and more.Obesity affects overall life expectancy and can lead to earlier death. Fortunately, the condition is preventable and there are ways to combat extra pounds at any stage of life.


How we can do this is advised by Countess Angelika Wolfskyl, the most popular German naturopath and Schusslerian therapist, who gave educational lectures on the subject in several Bulgarian cities.

How to control weight during the different periods of our life to be he althy?

In her long-term practice with thousands of patients cured of various diseases, Countess Angelika Wolfskyl always includes Schussler therapy. To prevent the appearance of excess weight, she recommends the combination of Schüssler s alts 4, 9 and 10 of the German Homeopathic Union (DHU). They help to drive the metabolism and contribute to the detoxification of the body.S alt No. 10 - the s alt of internal cleansing, take 5 tablets in the morning. S alt 4 potassium chloride - the s alt of the mucous membranes, 5 tablets at lunch. and, s alt 9 sodium phosphate - the s alt of metabolism, 5 tablets in the evening. The tablets are dissolved in water, and the treatment lasts for 6 weeks. A break is made, after which the course of admission can be repeated.

When we try to change the way we eat, but also when we are under a lot of stress, we often experience bouts of irresistible hunger for certain foods, and usually they are not he althy ones. In these cases, specific Schussler s alts can help - with them we will avoid overeating. In an attack of hunger for sweets, s alt 7 magnesium phosphate is taken. We can regulate the desire for s alty foods with s alt 8 sodium chloride.

Those who feel hungry immediately after eating or who tend to overeat if under stress can use s alt 5 potassium phosphate. If you want smoked, fatty foods, s alt 2 calcium phosphate helps, and the passion for fast food and sweets can be overcome with s alt 9 sodium phosphate.


In order to be in shape and not succumb to stress, we will also need a lot of energy

An effective combination of s alts suitable for the purpose is: SHS 3 iron phosphate (morning), SHS 5 potassium phosphate (until 3 p.m.), SHS 7 magnesium phosphate (evening) - take 5 tablets. from every day. They help us overcome physical and mental exhaustion, depression, lack of concentration and strength. They have a relaxing effect and stimulate the energy exchange. When Schusler's ointment 5 (with a light massage of the upper abdomen in the morning) and Schusler's ointment 7 (the same massage of the upper abdomen in the evening) are added to them, the effect is even faster and stronger, due to the synergistic action in the combined application of Schussler's s alts as tablets and ointments.

One of the particularly painful topics for women related to excess weight is the appearance of cellulite. Here is a program for hair and skin care and for dealing with cellulite, suitable for application at all periods of life, offered by Countess Angelica Wolfskyl:

- SHS 1 calcium fluoride - morning - strengthens and revitalizes hair and skin;

- SS No. 8 sodium chloride - at lunch - regulates the water balance and hydrates;

- SHS No. 11 silica - evening - stabilizes and smoothes the structure of the skin and hair.

Dissolve 5 tablets of each s alt at the appropriate time. in hot water and drink in small sips.

- In addition, in case of cellulite, a daily brush massage is done on the problem areas with Schussler's ointment 10. For an even faster effect, the action of ointments 1 and 11 can be added to it (alternate on different days or mix a little of each ointment in the handful and apply at the same time).

It is no surprise to anyone that a balanced diet, including a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, is the basis of maintaining good physical shape. However, it is not only important what we eat, but also when and in what quantities we eat.

Here are some tips on eating that Countess Wolfskyl gives:

  • Dinner should be the smallest portion of food of the day;
  • More calories can be taken in the morning and at lunch to have energy during the day, but at least for dinner;
  • Eat raw food by 3 pm, no later;
  • Be physically active. If you don't like sports, walk. 10,000 steps a day is the optimal movement for people of active age;
  • Avoid fatty and heavy food for dinner, as it stimulates gastrointestinal activity and interferes with the production of melatonin, which ensures restful sleep.

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