7 style hacks in the office

7 style hacks in the office
7 style hacks in the office

The days of gray and blue three-piece suits are long gone. Nowadays, office wear is much more relaxed and comfortable, as more and more people associate work with dynamism and movement. The covid-19 pandemic has forced new methods and schemes of work - from home, from the office or a hybrid model. Freedom and the "new normal" also allow for more imagination in style for the office.

Here's how to catch the eye and not go unnoticed:

Create your “uniform” and upgrade it

Consolidate your presence in the office - choose a few outfits that will become your trademark - black trousers, a blazer or a shirt. They will be the foundation on which you will build your style, adding colorful or classic accents.

Mix classic and bold colors

If you still own quite a few clothes in gray, black or dark blue, you can "move up" your style by combining them with light tones. Consider a gray suit paired with an orange top and shoes in the same color. Conceptual, right?

Add Print

You get up in the morning, rush again, stand in front of the wardrobe and reach for the black pants. So far so good. Break up your style and add a bold printed blouse in yellow or green. You don't have to do it every day, but it's still a way to stand out and add a little cheer to your workday.

Choose a stylish bag

Forget small shoulder bags – if you want to look more professional, choose a well-tailored, stylish bag. Make it the right size so that you can fit a small laptop or documents in it. It does not have to be from an expensive brand, it is enough that it is made of genuine leather or other quality material.

Don't overdo the makeup

Invest in quality, not quantity. A nice foundation, some mascara, slightly shaped cheekbones, highlighter – this will be quite enough to look good. Complete with a matte lipstick in a tone as close as possible to that of the lips.

Replace the classic black pants

If you still want the lower part of your outfit to be in the dark color, replace the classic pants with ones made of fabric imitating leather or with a skirt.

Choose a classic perfume

The fragrance we emit says so much about us – it is the character we want to show that we possess. Save the strong, rich scents for Friday night. When we talk about the work environment, the main condition that we have to observe is "discretion". Choose a fragrance that is fresh, understated and elegant.

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