Habits at home that cause back pain

Habits at home that cause back pain
Habits at home that cause back pain

If, like most people in the world, you also spend a lot of time at home right now, you might be making some mistakes in your daily habits that are hurting your back. Many people suffer from back, waist, lower back, neck, leg pains that are caused by some wrong habits that you may not be aware of.

That's who they are.

You work in bed or on the couch

The body posture in a lying position is not suitable for work, especially if you are holding a laptop on your lap or stomach. You are subtly twisting your spine and putting pressure on its peripheral nerves, which can become inflamed and cause pain.Supine and semi-recumbent body positions are the most common mistake people make when working from home. It also applies to ordinary TV watching in an uncomfortable position for a long time.

Bad sleeping position

Pains in the spine and lower back are often also caused by an inappropriate sleeping position, an uncomfortable bed, mattress or pillow. Sleep occupies a significant part of the day. So if you sleep in an uncomfortable way for 8 hours, for example, this means that the body remains in an incorrect position for too long. This can cause distortions, cramps, pain, stiffness, inflamed nerves.

Exercising in uncomfortable or old shoes

Whether you are exercising at home or out for a workout, you need comfortable shoes that provide the necessary support for your feet and spine. If they are uncomfortable, old, torn, with the sole tilted to one side from your gait, they are dangerous for the back. Good spinal support is essential for its correct position and reducing the risk of distortions and pain.

You sit too long at your desk

If you work from home, you probably sit at a desk or a table. Sitting too long in an uncomfortable chair or in an uncomfortable position damages the spine. Very often, people do not have office equipment in their homes that is ergonomic and comfortable for long hours of work. That's why back pain also appears.

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