What does the color of urine reveal about your he alth?

What does the color of urine reveal about your he alth?
What does the color of urine reveal about your he alth?

The body always suggests when there is some possible he alth problem. Most often, a person understands that something is wrong when he feels pain or general malaise. Urine color is also a kind of barometer of whether you are in good he alth or need a doctor's consultation. Pay attention to its color.

When urine has no color

Colorless urine indicates that your daily water intake is sufficient. Continue to hydrate your body well.

When the urine has a slight yellowish tint

Your excretory system is working normally, you are he althy and well hydrated.

When the urine is medium yellowish in color

There is nothing to worry you about the excretory system. This is a normal color of urine.

When urine is dark yellow in color

There is nothing to worry about at this stage, but it is good to increase your water intake.

When urine is copper in color, it is a sure sign that your body is not getting enough water.

When your urine is brown in color (like dark beer)

You probably have kidney problems or suffer from kidney disease. Brown urine is also a sign of severe dehydration of the body. Drink plenty of water and seek medical attention.

When the urine color is slightly pink to red

Urine can be slightly colored when consuming foods and drinks with a reddish color such as beets, blueberries. If you haven't eaten similar foods and the urine is a similar color, it could indicate urinary tract infections, a tumor, kidney problems, or some other type of infection.If this color of urine is accompanied by burning, you must consult a doctor.

When the color of urine is blue or green

Urine can change color from taking various types of medication or food and drink. Since this color change is rare, it can also refer to a rare genetic disorder or the presence of a certain bacteria that has caused a severe urinary infection. If you are not taking medication and have not consumed more colorful foods and drinks, it is a good idea to consult a doctor.

When Urine Looks More Foamy

Observe if your urine looks like this every day. This may be due to improper diet and nutrition or a kidney problem.

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