The 10 biggest enemies of hair

The 10 biggest enemies of hair
The 10 biggest enemies of hair

Beautiful, thick and he althy hair is something every woman dreams of. However, with some daily mistakes, we make our hair suffer and its appearance deteriorates. Split, broken, blooming and weak hair prone to hair loss are the most common problems faced by many women. Apart from them, there are other factors that damage the hair. Among them are dyeing, styling, heating, internal he alth problems, stress.

Apart from these factors, however, there are also some big mistakes that we unknowingly make that damage the hair.

What are hair's worst enemies? What are the silent killers of her he alth and good looks?

1. You leave your hair parted the same way

When you keep your hair on track and never change its direction, it can lead to hair loss. The hair begins to weigh in only one direction, which overloads the follicles and makes the hair weak and fall out easily. You will make sure of this by flipping the hair to the other side. You will probably notice a slight pain in the scalp. Regularly sweep the hair in different directions. This is good for her.

2. You wear a ponytail all the time

Pulling your hair into a tight ponytail can weaken it, cause hair loss, and break and break individual hairs. This weakens the hair, makes it susceptible to damage and can significantly damage its condition and structure.

3. You don't wear a swimming cap in the pool

Pools are a place where a lot of bacteria thrive. But they are not the only ones that can damage your scalp and hair.Chlorine in the water has a very aggressive effect on the hair, as it dries it and takes away a huge part of the moisture in it. A swimming cap is a must-have accessory if you enjoy swimming in pools.

4. Fix your hair in the shower

One huge mistake that should not be made is brushing wet hair. It may seem easier and convenient to do this to prevent tangling after drying, but this is wrong. Combing wet hair damages it several times more than if combed dry. Wet strands are weaker and more vulnerable, making brushing wet hair highly inadvisable.

5. You rub your hair with the towel

In a hurry, we often have the habit of rubbing the wet hair with the towel to remove the moisture and dry the hair faster. However, this is very harmful for her. It is recommended to soak the hair with the towel, but without rubbing. Rubbing damages the hairs and makes the hair weak, brittle, broken and prone to blooming.It also falls faster if dried this way.

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