Important vitamins for faster hair growth

Important vitamins for faster hair growth
Important vitamins for faster hair growth

Aging, hair treatment, nutrition, he alth status and external factors and others affect the he alth and beauty of hair. As a result of these factors, it becomes more weak, broken, begins to fall intensively and grows more slowly.

To keep the scalp and hair in good condition, they need minerals and vitamins. Particularly important elements for the rapid growth of hair and its recovery are zinc, magnesium and iron.

We also share some important vitamins to make part of your he althy lifestyle. With their help, you will have vibrant hair that grows faster.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays an important role in hair growth. Thanks to it, you will keep your hair thick and shiny The vitamin contains antioxidants that moisturize the scalp and protect the scalp and hair from drying out. Also retinoic acid regulates the proper function of hair follicles.

Vitamin H

This vitamin is also known as biotin or vitamin B7. It helps repair brittle hair while improving hair texture. With its help, your hair will be thicker, thicker and will grow faster.

for the production of fatty acids in cells, cell growth, as well as many other important processes that include amino acids and fats.

Vitamin B12

It belongs to the group of B vitamins and is very important for the he alth and beauty of the hair because it prevents hair loss.Thanks to it, your body absorbs the iron from the foods you eat, and when you have an iron deficiency, this can be one of the reasons for the deterioration of your hair.

Vitamin C

for the absorption of iron from food, but also has the ability to reduce premature graying of hair. To have he althy hair that grows fast and slow down hair aging, take vitamin C regularly.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another vital vitamin for hair growth. It supports the hydration of the scalp and at the same time protects the hair from dryness and breakage. It keeps the scalp he althy and improves blood circulation, which is important for rapid hair growth.

Vitamin D

It is important not only for the he alth of the bone system, but also for the he alth of the hair. Vitamin D supports he althy follicle growth. Take the vitamin through food, nutritional supplements and don't forget to expose yourself to the sun more often on sunny days.


Niacin is a vitamin from the group of B vitamins. It helps nourish the scalp and stimulate he althy hair growth. When the body lacks this vitamin, the hair can become brittle, lifeless, and may even begin to fall out. -intense.

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