3 masks for fast eyebrow growth

3 masks for fast eyebrow growth
3 masks for fast eyebrow growth

Want to have thick and beautiful eyebrows that you can shape to your liking? In order to provoke the growth of eyebrow hair, proper nutrition is necessary.

It is necessary to apply some nourishing masks that will help your eyebrows grow strong and he althy.

Castor oil mask

  • 1 drop of aloe gel
  • 1 drop castor oil
  • 1 drop of vitamin E oil

Mix all the ingredients and apply to the eyebrows before going to bed. Do this every night for several weeks.

Aloe Vera

Natural aloe vera gel also helps in rapid growth of eyebrows. Aloe makes them shiny, alive, thick and beautiful. Apply some aloe gel at night before going to bed.

Yolk Mask

  • 1 yolk
  • 2 drops olive oil

Mix the yolk with the olive oil and mix. Apply the mask on the eyebrows for about 20 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Brush with a toothbrush

One tip that will help you stimulate the growth of your eyebrows is to brush and massage them with a toothbrush. This will stimulate blood circulation under the eyebrows and make them grow thick and thick.

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