How to care for curly hair

How to care for curly hair
How to care for curly hair

He althy and beautiful hair is the crown we constantly wear on our head - and it really is. We have all felt how winged we feel and with what self-confidence we leave the hair salon. A visit to the hairdresser can act as therapy and vice versa - when something in the hairstyle bothers us, it can have an impact on our overall vision and sense of self. And what do we do if the hair is curly? Then things get a little more complicated, as it requires more specific care. What can we do to improve the look of our curls? Here are some ideas:

Always style your hair from the bottom up

Gently and carefully start combing from the bottom up - this way you will be able to untangle the small knots that have formed.This is much kinder to the hair than trying to deal with large sections of it at once. To take even better care of your curls, experts advise getting a quality hairbrush, preferably one designed specifically for your type.

“Curly hair is the most prone to damage. That's why a suitable brush or a wide comb is the best for her" – this is shared by hairdressers.

Trim the ends regularly

To avoid breakage and the so-called "flowering" of the hair, visit the hair salon every six to eight weeks. This way the hair will look shiny and more voluminous as the frayed ends will not make it look thin.

Mandatory choose a product without rinsing

These types of products will continue to care for your hair even after washing it. Choose a product that is specially formulated for curly hair, there is a wide variety on the market.This treatment will not only make your curls shiny, but will also smooth and separate them, while protecting them from breakage.

Sleep with your hair tied up

After washing your hair, tie it up before going to bed. This way you will keep the shape of your curls better. For this purpose, instead of an elastic band, use a satin scrunchie. This will give you volume in the morning.

Get yourself a satin case

If you don't have one yet, definitely buy one. It has been proven that the specific material from which it is made provides the hair with optimal hydration, protects it from breaking and falling. Cotton sheets can be too rough for both facial skin and hair.

Use a diffuser

If you are not using this attachment that is usually sold with the hair dryer, you are wrong. A diffuser will help you dry more of your hair while adding volume. In this way, you will arrange the curls, protect the hair from excessive drying and electrification.

Choose a suitable shampoo and conditioner

First and foremost – choose products that are specially formulated for curly hair. Pay attention to the ingredients - they preferably contain jojoba, avocado, aloe, shea, keratin oils. If you wash your hair often, choose lighter formulas. If your hair is oily, use a deep cleansing shampoo every one or two weeks. Opt for volumizing conditioners over hydrating ones-they can weigh your hair down too much.

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