10 ways to make hair grow fast

10 ways to make hair grow fast
10 ways to make hair grow fast

Every woman's dream is to grow her hair as fast as possible. How to accelerate hair growth?

1. Trim the ends often

Don't be afraid that frequent trimming will make your hair stay the same length. The more you cut its ends, the more you stimulate it to grow. Thus, with each subsequent haircut, the hair exceeds its length.

2. Resist your desire to be blonde

Blonde is sexy, chic and always up-to-date, but unfortunately – harmful to the hair. If you want your hair to grow fast and he althy, refrain from exhausting blonde tones.

3. Spread the natural oils through your hair every night

Hair gets greasy thanks to its own oils. They protect her from exhaustion and stimulate growth. That's why it's important to brush your hair every night to distribute the oils down the length of the hair.

4. Keep your scalp he althy

Of great importance for rapid hair growth is the he alth of the scalp. Protect it from dandruff, irritations, seborrhea, injuries, excessive dryness. Avoid treating it with chemicals, especially aggressive ones like those for long-lasting curling. The he althier the scalp, the faster the hair grows.

5. Eat right

Food matters for hair growth. Improper nutrition can slow down growth and even cause hair loss. And vice versa – nourishing food for hair makes it grow normally.

The most useful foods for rapid growth are fish, beans, nuts, celery, whole grains.

6. Avoid heat treatment

If you want your hair to grow really fast, avoid heat styling tools. They burn the hair and damage the scalp.

7. Do not use daily shampoo

Washing your hair 2 to 3 times a week is enough. Avoid washing it every day, especially with a daily shampoo that has the property of drying out the scalp and hair.

8. Add vitamins to the routine

Ampoules with vitamin E and A are very useful for hair. Apply them once a week for good results.

9. Finish your shower with cold water

Hot water damages the hair. Avoid washing your hair with too hot water in general. Always finish with a cold spray to seal in the hair and the nutrients you've nourished it with.

10. Do not detangle hair while wet

Wet brushing damages the hair and makes it grow slower.

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