Guava leaves help in hair loss

Guava leaves help in hair loss
Guava leaves help in hair loss

Hair loss is a serious problem for both men and women. Its treatment is difficult and persistent. Sometimes the results come very slowly.

Hair loss can be caused by various factors – treatment, treatment with preparations, chemotherapy, pregnancy, genetic factors. The latter are quite difficult to overcome. But for the rest, there is a countermeasure.

One such is the guava leaf treatment. Guava leaves and more specifically the decoction of them powerfully counteracts hair loss and restores lost hair. It stimulates blood circulation and renewal of epithelial cells.

In this way, the enhanced growth of new hairs is also provoked. Guava leaves are very rich in vitamin B which is directly relevant to hair growth.

How to apply guava leaves?


Boil some guava leaves for 20 minutes. Then let it cool completely. Wash hair with shampoo. Rinse and pour liberally with the guava potion. Leave the decoction on the scalp for about 2-3 hours.

You can also leave it on your hair overnight. For better results, in addition to the decoction of the leaves, you can also apply the leaves themselves on the scalp. After doing that, wrap your head with a soft cotton towel and sleep like that.

Do this 4 times a week and the results will not be late. If you don't want to treat your hair and scalp with chemicals, this is the best way to stimulate growth.

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