Mistakes we make when washing our hair

Mistakes we make when washing our hair
Mistakes we make when washing our hair

Washing our hair is part of our daily routine - something we've done almost all our lives. It seems like a no-brainer task – our hair is dirty, we shampoo, then condition and wash! However, is there a possibility that instead of helping our hair, with certain actions we are actually harming it? It is most vulnerable precisely while it is wet. That is why we have to approach washing it very carefully in order to preserve its beauty and he alth. How exactly do we do this?

Don't wash your hair too often

Most people do not need to wash their hair daily. Too frequent washing can lead to dryness of the scalp, and as a result, to compensate for this, it begins to produce even more sebum (a secretion released by the sebaceous glands).If you have weak and thin or oily hair, the most frequent washing should be every other day. If your hair is normal or thick – you can afford to wash it 2 times a week.

Comb hair before washing

There are many hair brushes and combs on the market, whose manufacturers assure us that they can be used on both dry and wet hair. However, don't make the mistake of brushing your hair while it's wet, because that's when it's most vulnerable and prone to breakage. Instead, brush your hair well before washing to avoid plucking and distribute the shampoo more evenly.

Don't forget the scalp

When we talk about washing hair, often the scalp is neglected. A gentle massage with your fingertips will help remove impurities while improving blood circulation, which is the foundation of hair growth and strength.

Wash the shampoo well

Don't waste time and make sure that while you are in the shower, you wash your hair thoroughly from the shampoo or conditioner. Otherwise, after drying, you risk your hair remaining greasy, feeling "heavy". This will be especially noticeable if you have weak and thin hair. Avoid washing with hot water. In addition to damaging the hair more, hot water can also cause your hair color (if you dye) to fade too quickly. For extra shine – wash your hair with lukewarm (or cold) water. This will "lock" the hydration in the hair, making the hair shiny.

Do not apply conditioner to the scalp

If you also do it regularly – stop! Our scalp produces enough oil every day, so you don't need to apply extra product for it. Too much oil can clog follicles, slow down hair growth and cause even more sebum to be produced. The conditioner or mask is applied from the middle of the hair to the ends.These are the areas where the hair needs more additional hydration.

Avoid towel drying

Let's face it - we all do. But is this correct? Turns out not. While wet, hair is much more prone to breakage and damage, which is why aggressive scrubbing with a dry towel can destroy the structure of the hair. It is best if you let the hair dry on its own. If you don't have time and opportunity - squeeze the excess water from the hair, and dry it, patting gently with a towel (without rubbing).

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