5 of the best essential oils for itchy and scaly skin

5 of the best essential oils for itchy and scaly skin
5 of the best essential oils for itchy and scaly skin

Itchy skin can be unbearable, especially if it does not stop for a long time. In many conditions, skin peeling, redness, and severe discomfort follow. In addition to medicated creams and medicinal products to soothe itchy and irritated skin, there are also completely natural methods to soothe this problem, and these are essential oils. Here are the most effective of them for similar skin problems.

Tea tree

Tea tree oil is very effective in relieving itching, but in very limited situations. It can be used only if the itching is due to an infection, insect bite. In other situations, tea tree can be harmful, as it dries the skin quite a bit, and this can create conditions for the development of bacteria.


Lavender oil soothes inflammation and has pain-relieving properties that reduce discomfort. If the itching and flaking of the skin is due to nervousness, lavender is the best solution because it calms anxiety and reduces stress. Having a good effect on the nervous system, lavender also has a positive effect on the skin problem.


Chamomile oil has a strong relaxing effect on the skin, thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


Dry and irritated skin can throw anyone off balance. Irritation caused by hormonal imbalance, stress or due to changes in atmospheric conditions is very well relieved with geranium oil. It helps restore balance in the skin and soothes itching.


Frankincense essential oil has not only a pleasant and specific aroma, but also healing properties for the skin. It relieves pain and accelerates the process of cell regeneration.

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