If you have oily skin, remember these things

If you have oily skin, remember these things
If you have oily skin, remember these things

Oily skin is a real disaster. It shines, make-up is difficult to hold on it and lowers your self-esteem. In addition, it is a prerequisite for the development of bacteria that cause acne and other inflammatory processes.

What should you remember about oily skin in order to take care of it as best as possible?

Balance, don't dry out

Many women make the mistake of drying their oily skin in an effort to get rid of shine and the constant feeling of wet skin causing discomfort. However, this drying has the opposite effect. Sebaceous glands secrete even more sebum in an effort to compensate for dryness after washing.This makes the skin even oilier.


Instead, balance the skin with deeply hydrating cosmetics or natural remedies. This is the best way to reduce oiliness and shine.

Oily skin should be thoroughly exfoliated. Chemical exfoliants are more suitable for this purpose, rather than those with abrasive particles. They cause skin irritation and the spread of bacteria to he althy areas of the skin. Use salicylic, lactic or glycolic acid.

Choose the right tonic

Opinions regarding the use of tonic vary. Some avoid it, others don't miss it. One thing is for sure, if you have oily skin and use an alcohol-based toner, it will dry out your skin and make it worse.

Use a pH-neutral toner to balance acne-prone, oily skin.


Never skip moisturizing cream

Don't think that moisturizing cream will make your skin even more shiny and oily. On the contrary, it will balance it and gradually neutralize the oversecretion of sebum that causes shine.

Matte foundation

Get a mattifying foundation base. It will help you to conceal the secretion of sebum and will keep your make-up for longer.

Mattifying Foundation

On top of the matting base, put a foundation with a matting effect. It will enhance the effect and make your skin perfectly velvety.

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