5 face masks with aloe vera for he althy and beautiful skin

5 face masks with aloe vera for he althy and beautiful skin
5 face masks with aloe vera for he althy and beautiful skin

is an amazing gift from nature. It has a wonderful effect on the skin. It can soothe sunburns, eczema, skin inflammations, acne, hydrate and nourish deeply. To take advantage of all these great benefits that aloe has for the skin, make regular face masks with it. Here are some.

Mask with aloe vera and honey to soothe the skin

Honey offers soothing substances to the skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and nourishing properties. In combination with aloe vera, honey works wonders for the skin. Both ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and micro-organism neutralizing ingredients.

To make a mask with honey and aloe, mix the two products in a ratio of 1:2. Apply the mask on clean and dry skin. Massage for a few minutes until it becomes sticky and leave on for another 30 minutes.

Aloe vera with vinegar for gentle exfoliation

Aloe contains beta-hydroxy acid and salicylic acid, which makes it a perfect natural exfoliant. The acetic acid in vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce irritation and inflammation on the skin.

To make a gentle exfoliating face mask, mix 1 spoon of aloe gel with 1 spoon of vinegar. Add to them 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds or sugar. Mix and apply to slightly damp skin.

Aloe with Turmeric to even out the complexion

Pigment spots and darkening of the skin as a result of sunlight can be really unpleasant. With the help of the antioxidants in turmeric, you can influence them and make your skin return to its bright and vibrant appearance.Aloe vera provides anti-blemish therapy in addition to the powerful antioxidants in turmeric. If you also add some lemon juice to the mask, the vitamin C in it will contribute to the fight against free radicals, as it is also a powerful antioxidant.

Aloe with coconut oil for deep hydration

For dry and flaky skin, use a coconut oil and aloe vera mask. This amazing combination gives the skin the hydration molecules it needs, penetrating deeply. Coconut oil also has a positive effect in suppressing inflammation, including acne. Mix 1 spoon of aloe with 1 spoon of softened coconut oil and apply with massaging movements on the skin of the face.

Aloe Vera with yogurt for toned skin

Yogurt contains beneficial probiotics. They nourish the skin, as it is home to a microbiome similar to that in the gut. The beneficial bacteria in yogurt nourish and hydrate the skin. In combination with aloe, yogurt refreshes, tones and revitalizes the skin.Mix 1 spoon of aloe with 1 spoon of yogurt. Apply the mask to dry skin and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then wash.

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