Natural care against stretch marks in 3 important steps

Natural care against stretch marks in 3 important steps
Natural care against stretch marks in 3 important steps

Stretch marks are one of the most terrible problems threatening the beauty of women's skin The worst thing is that they can appear even with the slightest deviation in weight. You don't have to gain a lot of weight to get stretch marks. It's not uncommon to get stretch marks when losing weight too.

The most common cause of stretch marks is insufficient hydration and collagen in the body That's why it's good to hydrate both inside and out. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds And apply regularly on the outside with appropriate lotions and moisturizing oils.

You can prepare some useful ointments, scrubs and ointments against stretch marks at home.

For scrub:

  • 1 tablespoon s alt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • ½ cup vegetable oil of choice

Mix all the ingredients. You will get a slightly sticky and rough scrub. Actively massage with circular movements, it is recommended to wash the skin before and after the scrub. Immediately after rinsing off the scrub, apply a generous moisturizer (lotion or natural vegetable oil).

After scrub, apply oil

As mentioned, after treating stretch marks with a scrub, it is important to hydrate deeply. One of the most suitable vegetable oils in this case is dark grape seed oil. You can also choose another oil, but this is the most effective.


Dark grape seed contains beneficial acids that visibly revitalize the skin and improve its integrity and appearance.

And finally a mask

After you've done the previous two procedures, it's time for the soothing mask, which is effective even on old and advanced stretch marks. It is made from grated lemon peel mixed with a little yogurt.

A thick mixture is obtained, which is applied to the affected areas and left on until it dries or for about half an hour.

Finally, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and hydrate again. Do all these procedures 3 times a week for good visible results.

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