Masks against stretch marks with aloe vera

Masks against stretch marks with aloe vera
Masks against stretch marks with aloe vera

Stretch marks are one of the most unpleasant female problems. They compromise the skin in a very self-deprecating way. It would be best to prevent stretch marks from appearing. Prevention is the most effective method against stretch marks. But this is not always possible.

For stretch marks that have already appeared, we can make special efforts to drastically reduce their visibility. Deep hydration of the skin is an essential way to combat.

Aloe vera is a wonderful plant whose gel has magical properties against stretch marks. With aloe, you can prepare wonderful skin masks against stretch marks to reduce their visibility. Here are some sample recipes:

Aloe gel

Aloe vera gel alone has a good effect on stretch marks. Keep it on the affected areas and massage for 10 minutes to penetrate well and moisturize the skin.

Aloe Vera and Coffee

The coffee is there. With its help, you will remove dead cells and the aloe will penetrate deeper and better into the skin to reduce the visibility of stretch marks.


Mix coffee grounds with aloe vera gel and rub it into the skin. Massage for about 15 minutes in circular motions. Then wash with lukewarm water and apply coconut oil.

Aloe Vera and Lemon

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and mix it with aloe vera gel. It also exfoliates, which is important for skin he alth and dealing with stretch marks. 2 tablespoons of aloe gel is enough. Rub again with massaging movements.

Aloe Vera and Castor Oil

Castor oil helps for perfect skin. It stimulates the formation of collagen, which is important in the fight against stretch marks. Heat the mixture of oil and aloe in a water bath.Blend until it has the consistency of porridge. Apply to the skin with massaging movements. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

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