How to be irresistible for Christmas and New Year

How to be irresistible for Christmas and New Year
How to be irresistible for Christmas and New Year

All ladies want to be irresistible and sparkling for Christmas and New Year holidays. To make the skin of the face shine, special care for it should start earlier.

Jewel Skin specialists give their advice on what to do in advance to be "like new" on the holiday night. Now is the time to choose the most suitable procedure and book your appointment with a specialist. We have selected the most up-to-date beauty methods that will give you not only freshness and beauty, but also self-confidence and comfort.

  • Envy DermalInfusion exfoliates, cleanses and infuses precious serums

Sometimes the face only radiates stress, which, however, can hardly be removed. Therefore, if you have dreamed of a procedure that instantly erases tension and restores the vital balance of the skin, the solution is Dermalinfusion - an innovative device with a variety of functions aimed at skin care. This is the only device in the world that performs three processes at the same time – it exfoliates the stratum corneum of the epidermis, cleans the pores in depth and infuses serums with valuable ingredients into the deep layer of the epidermis.

The therapy is among the favorites of Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Lopez and twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The 20-minute beauty ritual with this device is a mandatory part of their beautification. Two of the serums are specially formulated to brighten the face.

Vitamin C Pro-Infusion Serum with Mediterranean Grape Extract, contains 5% sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a natural derivative of vitamin C), vitamin E and Mediterranean grape extract.This combination protects the skin from free radicals, supports its protective functions against ultraviolet rays and its overall appearance.

Skin Brightening Pro-Infusion Serum for a tan and more radiant skin. Specialists from the metropolitan Jewel Skin clinic also strongly recommend the Skin Brightening Pro-Infusion Serum procedure, which has the main ingredient Lumixyl, decapeptide-12. It suppresses the enzyme tyrosinase, and hence the excess production of melanin ("responsible" for hyperpigmentation). In addition to the patented ingredient, the serum formula contains licorice extract and ethyl ascorbic acid (a stable vitamin C derivative). As a result of the successful combination, hyperpigmentation is minimized, the complexion is evened out, and the overall appearance of the skin is visibly more radiant.

  • Mezotix for tightening and non-operative "lifting"

Mezotix mini-invasive skin rejuvenation technology treats the skin of the face, eye contour, eyelids, neck and décolleté safely, quickly and almost painlessly.The impressive Israeli innovation in the cosmetic industry is a non-ablative thermo-mechanical lifting device that works without burning the skin. For tightening and non-operative "lifting" of the skin, in which the activation of the regeneration processes is achieved by means of high temperature integrated into the skin through a titanium tip. The simultaneous impact of these technologies causes controlled heating in the dermis at a depth of about 300-400 microns, which leads to the release of specific proteins. In turn, they stimulate dermal fibroblasts to produce more and new collagen and elastic fibers that renew the skin.

The device is one of the few that can treat the eyelid – both upper and lower, which is a very sensitive topic for women over 35-40 years old.

„ With it, like a steam iron, wrinkles are smoothed out in different areas, acne scars are erased. Mezotix can even erase birthmarks," explains Stefka Sirakova from Jewel Skin.This is a complex procedure that, in addition to removing problems such as pigmentation, capillaries, enlarged pores, also stimulates the production of collagen.

  • 4 in 1 laser rejuvenation or Laser Glow

Laser Glow is a procedure with the Duetto MT EVO device that they have at Jewel Skin clinic in the capital. The skin glows after this procedure. It itself is a variation of the standard laser rejuvenation with the ND-Yag laser, but filled with the two radiations 1064 - Yag and 755 Alex with a small pause between them, which actually makes it a hybrid between laser and photorejuvenation. Due to the strong synergistic effect of the two radiations, a 4 in 1 effect is obtained. That is why it is called 4 in 1 laser rejuvenation. I.e. tightening and rejuvenation of the skin - smoothing fine wrinkles. The specialist Stefka Sirakova says that with the procedure, evening out the complexion is achieved, light hyper- and hypo-pigmentation and any small pigment spots are removed.She adds that thanks to the therapy, redness on the cheeks is evened out, fine capillaries disappear, facial hair is removed and the growth of moss is slowed down.

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