Blueberry oil - skin and beauty benefits

Blueberry oil - skin and beauty benefits
Blueberry oil - skin and beauty benefits

Taking care of the skin with natural products is an important part of maintaining its good appearance and youth. Herbs and essential oils from them are precisely such a powerful care that supplies the skin with valuable substances, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that maintain the balance in it.

What is a blue grouse?

The blue bindweed is an herb from the chamomile family. Like chamomile, tansy also has extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It suppresses inflammation in the skin, causing early aging, cell damage, wrinkles, irritations, acne.

Why is blueberry oil good for the skin?

Compounds in blueberry oil have beneficial properties for the skin. They hydrate in depth, which is especially suitable for dry skin in winter. They can improve symptoms of dryness, irritation, redness, breakouts and acne, wrinkles.

It is no coincidence that blueberry oil is also used in the cosmetics industry, being put into cleaning products, face serums for day and night use, exfoliating masks, lotions. It can be used on different skin types as it deeply moisturizes and improves overall skin texture.

What are the skin benefits of blueberry oil?

Blueberry oil contains several compounds that have strong anti-inflammatory properties. They can help the skin deal with redness, discomfort, swelling, and the appearance of inflamed pimples. This herb acts as a natural means of accelerating healing processes in the skin, including wound healing.Appropriate care is to protect from the sun's rays. It can help reduce aging, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Moisturizes deeply

Turquoise oil contributes to the good water balance in the skin by deeply hydrating. It can help manage winter dryness by forming a thin film on the skin, helping to retain moisture.

Soothes acne

Torchise oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good ally in the fight against acne. It reduces breakouts of purulent pimples, soothes irritations, inflammations and redness.

Has soothing properties

The aromatic molecules in blueberry oil have a soothing aromatherapeutic effect. It can help you deal more easily with anxiety, restlessness, bad mood. It has particular benefits before sleep as it calms the nervous system and stimulates the processes of falling asleep.

How to use blueberry oil?

It is recommended to use 100% pure blueberry oil. This way you will benefit from all its benefits.

Always combine milk thistle oil with a carrier oil or carrier oil. Mix a few drops of milk thistle oil with coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil before applying it to the skin. Pure blueberry oil is very potent and can cause irritation if applied alone and in high concentration.

You can also add it to your favorite creams, serums, scrubs, face masks. Just add a few drops of the oil to the products you use for more he alth and radiance of the skin.

You can also use blueberry oil as a home fragrance. Add 10 drops of milk thistle oil to a spray bottle of water. Use as an air atomizer. You can also spray the mixture on your bedclothes for easier falling asleep and sound sleep.

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