What is shea butter effective for?

What is shea butter effective for?
What is shea butter effective for?

Shea butter has been used for millennia. Ancient people used it for various beauty treatments. But it turns out that shea butter helps not only to maintain the beauty and freshness of the appearance.

Shi is also very useful for skin problems, scars, makes hair shiny and beautiful - see why!

This beneficial oil is rich in vitamins A and E, which have unique beneficial properties, especially for the skin. The presence of fatty acids and plant sterols, such as oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids, make shea one of the most beneficial natural oils.

How exactly does shea butter help skin and hair?

Heals dry skin

The natural moisturizers in shea butter are similar to those produced by the skin's sebaceous glands, making them extremely suitable for use as they approximate our own.

Make your hair "happy"

Shea butter is used a lot in hair products and it's no accident. There are a number of hair benefits of shea butter. It seals the moisture in the hair, helps to arrange the curls elegantly, nourishes the scalp, relieves dandruff and smoothes broken hairs.

It can also be applied only to the roots as a styling agent to add volume to thin hair.

Fighting Wrinkles

Application of shea butter for several months significantly reduces the risk of early appearance of wrinkles, experts believe. According to studies, the effect of the miracle oil begins to be felt after the 4th to 6th week of its use.

Sooth sore skin

Shea butter has amazing antibacterial and anti-allergic properties due to some anti-inflammatory agents, including cinnamic acid. According to experts studying the effects of oils from various nuts and oils, shea butter has strong anti-cancer properties.

Anti stretch marks

Not only laser treatment of stretch marks is a solution - the use of shea butter is a very effective way to fade them. Shea makes the skin more tender, soft and elastic by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. The abundance of vitamins and healing substances makes the damaged area look smoother and renewed.

Effective against acne and eczema

Both eczema and acne require specific care and procedures to help alleviate symptoms. Shea butter really helps. Apply the oil directly to the inflamed area in a thin layer and let it sit for a few hours. Before going to bed, wash with cleansing lotion and reapply some of the oil.

Helps with cracked heels

Many people suffer from cracked and painful heels, especially in the summer months when most of the walking is done with bare feet. Apply some of the shea butter before going to bed on the cracked heels and wear cotton socks for better effect.

Get rid of insect bites

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter effectively repels insects and protects you from itching and redness.

After Shave Help

Shaving dries out the skin too much. Shea butter penetrates very deep under the skin and hydrates it, making it very useful for extreme effects on the skin. Some even use it instead of shaving lotion. Apply the oil on your legs and shave.

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