Rosehip oil for stretch marks, scars and dandruff

Rosehip oil for stretch marks, scars and dandruff
Rosehip oil for stretch marks, scars and dandruff

Rosehip oil is an amazing natural product with remarkable properties for rejuvenating the skin and improving the condition of the hair. It has been used for generations by the Indian tribes of Chile, who first discovered that the oil had medicinal properties.

It contains natural nutrients and can be applied both externally and internally. So if you are tired of buying expensive skin and hair moisturizing cosmetics, try rosehip oil as a natural alternative.

This is one of the most recommended products that have a positive effect on he alth and beauty. This is how rosehip oil can.

Dry hair

Warm a small amount of rosehip oil in a bowl (it shouldn't be too hot, it should be warm and comfortable to the touch), then rub it into your hair and scalp. Leave it like this for an hour and wash off. The effect will be soft and revitalized hair.


Dry skin

Rosehip oil is also good for your skin because it contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid (omega-6) as well as linolenic acid (omega-3). The oil has a wide range of uses and is effective in fighting the signs of aging.

Miranda Kerr who is a model likes to use it. Apply the oil to dry or cracked skin to nourish and hydrate it, and it will have a positive effect on the area of ​​dry elbows, knees, chapped lips and heels.

Hair that has lost its luster

If you want to give new life to your hair and bring back its shine, then rosehip oil is the solution.Massage warmed rosehip oil into your hair before you wash it and it will bring back its shine, color and shine. The oil is rich in vitamins, which makes the hair elastic, silky, soft and alive.


Rosehip oil has a high content of essential fatty acids and is a perfect means of hydrating the skin. Mix a small amount of the oil with water and apply it on your body to keep the skin hydrated. This beauty trick is especially suitable for summer.


Scar Treatment

Use pure rosehip oil against stretch marks, burns,scars, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It has the property of tightening and nourishing the skin and accelerates the wound healing process by hydrating and moisturizing the affected areas.


Rosehip oil helps against dandruff and other similar scalp conditions. Just massage it into your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes, then shampoo to see the difference.


Apply the oil on the affected parts of the body and you will feel relief instantly. This will help heal the sore spots and you will feel better very soon.

Fragile nails

Rosehip oil nourishes and hydrates brittle nails, making them stronger and stronger. Apply the oil to your nails every night before going to bed for a week. In just seven days, your nails will be noticeably stronger.

Premature aging

Symptoms of premature aging and skin pigmentation also respond well to rosehip oil. Put a few drops of it on a cotton ball and apply to the affected areas several times a day.

Glowing Skin

The oil also gives beautiful skin when used regularly. It not only helps to smooth out wrinkles but also keeps your skin he althy. Try it and you will be satisfied with the effect.

If you find that rosehip oil is too heavy for your skin, just add a drop or two of it as a moisturizer. It finds its application in many cosmetic products, such as creams or sprays. Be beautiful!

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