5 essential oils for depression

5 essential oils for depression
5 essential oils for depression

What in your day makes you feel good, relax and smile? Good food, the company of loved ones, favorite music, certain colors, the aroma of tea or coffee?

Yes, fragrances, like all of the above, can help us feel significantly more pleasant and pass many stressful situations with a smile. Stress is that invisible guest that settles into our lives too quickly. It makes us feel sluggish, tired, mood swings, depressed states. Fortunately, there are some pleasant scents that make everything around us more pleasant and help us to we smile more often. Check out some of them.

Ylang Ylang

A flower fragrance that is often used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation. The good thing is that you can combine it with other oils that have a relaxing effect like lavender and bergamot. The result is a gorgeous aromatic combination believed to lower stress and anxiety levels, blood pressure, heart rate and serum cortisol. You can add ylang ylang to your body lotion, aroma lamps, diffusers.

Rose essential oil

A charming fragrance that is often present in face and body cosmetics. You can add it to your bath, body lotion, scented lamps, or just bring your nose ever so slightly to the oil's packaging to smell its pleasant aroma.

Patchouli Oil

Another scent that can counteract bad mood, stress and depression is patchouli oil. A rich scent in which you can catch different notes, also reminiscent of musk.Patchouli is often combined with other essential oils such as lavender. Like other oils, it can be used with body cream, in combination with base oil, bath, diffuser.

Geranium fragrance

This oil is distilled from our well-known geranium plant. According to a 2015 Western study, the aroma of the essential oil has a beneficial effect on anxiety levels, helping to increase feelings of balance and calm, as well as reducing diastolic blood pressure.

How to use it? Put a few drops of the oil on a cotton swab and apply it several times under your nose.

Marjoram Oil

Its aroma is reminiscent of citrus and is believed to soothe nervousness and anxiety, headaches which are a common side effect of stress. Marjoram oil can be added to a diffuser. You can also combine it (just a few drops) with a base oil such as coconut and give yourself a light massage on the temple area for relaxation.

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