Top 3 essential oils for great skin

Top 3 essential oils for great skin
Top 3 essential oils for great skin

Clean, shiny, he althy and young skin is every woman's dream. There is no need to spend countless amounts of money on expensive cosmetic products that, in addition to being useful, also contain many harmful and dangerous ingredients.

Instead, we can turn to nature, which has taken care of the beauty of women since ancient times. Essential oils are one of the best ways to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Three essential oils have a particularly great effect on the skin and make it beautiful and he althy. Who are they?


Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is a type of well-known aromatic resin extracted from the boswellia tree, also called frankincense tree.Its properties have been used in Indian folk medicine for centuries. It helps with rheumatism, joint pain and inflammation, respiratory problems, muscle pain, gout, osteoporosis.

Frankincense essential oil works wonders on the skin. It helps to remove and conceal pimples, blackheads, pigment spots by evening out the complexion and clarifying the skin tone. It even has a positive effect on wound scars.

Frankincense oil is applied with a cotton swab to the skin. After its use, the face is rinsed with warm or lukewarm water and dried. If its smell is too overpowering for you, you can mix it with a little coconut oil, which also works wonders on the skin.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has very strong healing properties for the skin. It manages to neutralize various infections, irritations, inflammations caused by bacteria thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Lavender oil

Lavender smells wonderful and is one of the skin's best friends. Its he alth benefits for the skin, as well as for the overall he alth of the body, have been proven. That is why the essential oil of this wonderful plant is in the top 3 of the most useful for the skin.

Lavender oil helps even with wounds, injuries, skin irritations. It stimulates cell division and renewal of the upper layer of epithelial cells.

Once absorbed into the skin, lavender essential oil soothes acne, evens the complexion, deeply hydrates, reduces inflammation and helps prevent early wrinkles. The miraculous plant soothes the skin, makes it shiny, young and tender.

For a better effect, you can take a steam bath to open the pores. Then apply the lavender oil with a cotton pad. Thus, it will penetrate as deeply as possible and bring its beneficial properties directly into the pores.

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