7 ways to look and feel younger

7 ways to look and feel younger
7 ways to look and feel younger

As the years go by, we look in the mirror more often, hoping that the days will not leave their mark. Alas – the sleepless nights around childcare, stress at work, he alth problems – all these leave their mark on our face and body.

We offer you 7 ideas with which you can try to turn back the clock or at least delay the visible signs of aging.

Sleep more

Good sleep is the easiest and simplest condition for our beauty and youth. It has one irreplaceable advantage that the entire cosmetic industry can't boast of - it's completely free!

Instead of wandering around choosing yet another product that will cover up your dark circles, you can ensure yourself a quality dose of sleep.A good night's rest has been shown to improve your memory and concentration, protecting you from premature heart attack or stroke. A good sleep is the most important condition for the proper functioning of the brain, and it will also help your body to recover and regenerate. People who get a good night's sleep look more attractive, rested, fresh and energetic.

Drink water

Yes, we all repeat this mantra over and over, but do we really manage to drink enough water, or do we reach for the juices and soft drinks more and more in the course of our hectic day? Getting enough of this natural fluid is one of the most important conditions for us to be able to maintain our vitality. Eight to ten glasses of water a day will improve heart function and help us maintain an optimal weight. In addition, we will be able to get rid of unnecessary substances and significantly improve the appearance and he alth of our skin.


Forget the sugar

Intake of sugar accelerates the aging process - how does this happen? When the sugars bind to the proteins, a process takes place in which free radicals are released, and they break the structure of the skin. That is why a number of Hollywood stars and celebrities choose a vegan diet or a raw food diet for themselves. "Junk food" is not called that for a reason - reducing or stopping it will bring a number of benefits to your body.

Give up bad habits

Try to be honest with yourself - do you overindulge in cigarettes, alcohol or sweets? If the answer is "Yes", try to gradually reduce these addictions. "Monday" diets have been scientifically proven not to work. Instead of trying to stop everything at once, try to take one small step each day towards your better "tomorrow".

Swap another cigarette with a colleague on work breaks for a glass of water. You can leave out the waffle, replacing it with a banana or an apple. Instead of the traditional glass of beer in front of the TV in the evening, try a non-alcoholic version of the hoppy drink. Small changes will add up to a big result.

Move more

Youth is emotion, energy, movement. We all remember running non-stop as kids, and now even a light sprint to the bus makes us tired. Try to be more active - you don't need to buy expensive gym cards or special clothes. Get off the couch and move! Replace the traditional evening in front of the TV with a walk - invite the whole family. You will be surprised how beneficial it can be - apart from movement, it will also bring you the opportunity to communicate better with each other.


Pay attention to the food

We eat to live, not live to eat. As you age, increase your intake of antioxidants-you'll find them in berries. Replace the afternoon snack with a smoothie, adding more leafy greens (spinach, lettuce). If you don't like the taste of spinach, you can add banana and superfoods - here's your elixir of youth!

Keep your spirit young

You don't have to do anything special to be young - just be! Have fun, laugh, surround yourself with young and positive people. Remove from your friend list people who burden you and make you feel down. We all know the economic situation and how hard life is - wallowing in these gloomy thoughts every day will not make us feel better.

We can dispel the clouds by playing a nice song or just hugging the person we love. If there isn't one – embrace yourself! You deserve it!

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