Incredibly Effective Uses of Peppermint Oil

Incredibly Effective Uses of Peppermint Oil
Incredibly Effective Uses of Peppermint Oil

Essential oils are wonderful. They have been used for centuries in cosmetics, various body treatments, home fragrances and what not.

The fragrant peppermint oil has many uses. Here are the best among them:

For a royal bath

Take a hot mint bath. It will help against swelling of the legs and will remove the fatigue from them. In addition, mint helps for beautiful skin, especially effective in stopping its flaking in winter.


Instead of spending money on expensive lotions, take a peppermint oil bath every night. This will also work on your nervous system and help you relax after a hard day's work.

Reduces appetite

Peppermint oil is a powerful appetite suppressant. If you have trouble resisting temptation, simply drink 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil dissolved in water before or after meals.

This will help stop the urge to snack or overeat.

To treat tired and sore feet

Walking in high heels, dilated eyelashes or capillaries, dry skin, rough heels - all this can be forgotten with regular use of peppermint oil. Lubricate your entire legs before going to bed and you will forget about the listed problems.


Scenting the air

Mint is one of the freshest scents that energizes the home. Take a bottle, pierce its cap and stick a wooden barbeque stick inside so that it sinks into the liquid.

After it is thoroughly soaked, it will begin to disperse the fragrance in the air in an amazing way.

To soothe the stomach

Let's recall something very important - mint has a strong soothing effect on the stomach. Take a few drops of peppermint dissolved in a glass of water to soothe the cramps and pain in your upset stomach.

It not only helps to eliminate these symptoms but also relieves bloating and flatulence.

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