Lift Integral by Lierac - confidence from head to toe

Lift Integral by Lierac - confidence from head to toe
Lift Integral by Lierac - confidence from head to toe

Strong, motivated, emancipated, brave, uncompromising… We are the women of the XXI century. Always where we are needed, he althy even when we are not well, smiling even when we are not laughing, harboring hopes even when they are lost. We don't give up. We can do anything, and dealing with difficulties is second nature to us.

We don't expect anyone to take care of us, we don't need someone else to give us the best when we can get it ourselves. We have self-confidence not only because we are and can, but also because we know what is best for us - for the soul, for the body, for beauty. We don't compromise!

Lierac laboratories know perfectly well who we are, the women of the XXI century, and have prepared a surprise for us - a completely new Lift Integral series, combining the effect of lifting and injection.

The innovative formula with active ingredients ensures an intense and lasting effect. The synergy between mahogany extract, purple tulip and hyalu-3 concentrate works simultaneously against wrinkles, tightening and reshaping the facial contour. In other words, we have the smoothing of wrinkles; return of the shine and radiance of the skin; tightening of sagging areas and restoration of radiant facial radiance. All this, of course, has been proven on the basis of various laboratory studies during long-term testing of the product by volunteers (women around the age of 50).


The Lift Integral series consists of two day creams (for normal and dry skin), a night cream, a serum, a mask and an eye lifting serum. The results are reported in two stages. After 14 days – the complexion is evened out, wrinkles are smoothed out, the face radiates vitality and is visibly refreshed. The second stage is after 4 weeks, then the signs of aging are erased, deep wrinkles are reduced, the facial contour and eyelids are tightened, and the complexion is permanently evened out.The products are unique to the touch. The active textures immediately absorb into the skin and provide velvety softness, and the fragrance is refined - berries, freesia, jasmine and sandalwood.

We carry them everywhere: in the handbag, in the travel suitcase, in the sports bag - as a real gift for the modern woman, fully adapted to her lifestyle and the adverse effects of the environment.

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