6 ways to prevent hair loss while sleeping

6 ways to prevent hair loss while sleeping
6 ways to prevent hair loss while sleeping

The factors that damage the hair and cause hair loss are many. It's not just during the day that hair falls out when you untangle it and wash it. Nighttime can also cause damage, breakage, split ends and hair fall, even strands if you have some bad habits.

Some habits you have at night can damage your hair and cause it to fall out. Hair care happens not only during the day, but also at night. To promote hair growth and reduce the risk of hair loss, here's what you should do with your hair while you sleep.

Choose silk pillowcase

Natural and gentle material such as silk is very beneficial for hair he alth.Compared to cotton pillowcases, silk reduces the friction of the scalp and hair in the pillow, relieving pressure on the follicles. This reduces hair loss and helps retain moisture in the hair instead of soaking it into the case like cotton ones do.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair

Maybe sometimes you don't have time to dry your hair or it's too hot, especially in summer. But sleeping with wet hair damages the hair and accelerates its fall. Pulling on wet strands makes them vulnerable to breakage, breakage and falling out. That's why sleeping with wet hair is not a good option for its he alth and well-being.

Use masks at night

Hair masks for the night are a very good option for deep hair care. They reduce hair loss, nourish in depth, and the scalp and hair have enough time to absorb all the nutrients from the mask. Hair masks for the night improve the elasticity, smoothness of the hair, its integrity and promote better growth.

Apply Scalp Therapy

The scalp and hair therapy is a wonderful addition to the masks you apply at night. It accelerates and stimulates the growth, renewal of skin cells and improvement of follicle cycles. Some of the best natural remedies for hair therapy are aloe vera and coconut oil.

Comb your hair before going to bed

If you don't cut your hair to prevent more hair loss, you are wrong. Combing does not cause hair loss if you do it regularly and correctly. Brush your hair before bed to reduce the risk of breakage, breakage and plucking. Use looser combs and brushes that don't have too stiff bristles. Brushing stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which is important for good growth.

Don't tie your hair at night

Tying the hair causes damage to the hair and the follicle. The tension on the hair when tossing and turning during sleep creates pressure that can cause more hair loss. In addition, the hair becomes brittle, split and predisposed to bloom.

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