What is the correct order to apply hair products?

What is the correct order to apply hair products?
What is the correct order to apply hair products?

Maintaining a beautiful hairstyle and he althy hair at the same time is difficult. For this purpose, we use many products, but we must apply them in the right order. In this way, they will have their full effect on our hair and hairstyle.

If you use conditioner, hair mask, styling products, heat protectant, hair oils, you will probably feel confused at some point in which order to apply them to your hair.

Here's the correct sequence in which you should apply all the products to your hair so that they do their job while leaving your hair lovely, protected, nourished and well styled.

1. Shampoo

Shampoo, of course, comes first. You first wash your hair with it. If necessary, you can repeat the washing. Many hairdressers advise applying shampoo twice so that all the deposits and dirt on the hair and scalp can fall off.

2. Conditioner

The conditioner follows the shampoo. Choose the right conditioner according to your hair type so that it helps to smooth the hair and stimulate its shine. The conditioner mainly contributes to preventing tangling when washing.

3. Hair mask

Hair mask and conditioner are not interchangeable, as many women mistakenly think. They are two separate products with two separate purposes for the hair. The mask deeply nourishes and restores the hair. It is good to apply it after the conditioner, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes.

4. Anti-tangle product

If the conditioner is not enough for your hair, you can use an anti-tangle product. It is applied after the mask. Leave it on for a few more minutes. It has an anti-breakage effect and stimulates hair smoothing.

5. Leave-in/oil conditioner

Once you've made sure your ends are tangle-free thanks to the anti-tangle product, it's time to apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil. The hair is most prone to absorbing oils and nutrients at this point, when the hair is still damp but nourished with conditioner and mask. This is when leave-in oils and conditioners are most successfully placed on the hair.

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