Why you shouldn't use a towel to dry your hair?

Why you shouldn't use a towel to dry your hair?
Why you shouldn't use a towel to dry your hair?

When you wash, you probably blot it with a towel like most people. If you end up just soaking it would be fine. But if you are vigorously rubbing your hair, twisting the towel and tightening it tightly so that it does not fall off your head, then the possibility of damaging your hair is very high.

Celebrity hairstylist and author Mona Everett tells the Huffington Post that the texture and dryness of standard terry cloth towels can cause serious hair damage. Regular twisting, curling, pulling and rubbing of wet hair causes breakage, blooms, increases split ends and ultimately leads to damage and hair loss.

Hair becomes dry, and one of the most noticeable signs of damaged hair, according to Everett, is that it easily becomes electrified. This is an indicator that the hair needs hydration.

The damage done to the hair by using a towel can get worse over time. This usually happens slowly and gradually, making it imperceptible. Therefore, the specialist quoted by he althdigest.com advises not to use a towel before it is too late.

Instead, she recommends blotting and lightly squeezing using a cotton T-shirt or microfiber cloth. These fabrics absorb much more and more easily the water from the hair without damaging it. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times until the water stops dripping from your hair. This reduces stress on the hair and makes it he althier.

The more you vigorously rub the towel into your hair while it is wet, the weaker and more damaged it becomes. With the microfiber or cotton fabric, it will be easier to avoid damage to the hair.

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