15 ways to prevent chapped lips

15 ways to prevent chapped lips
15 ways to prevent chapped lips

Cracked lips are a problem, especially in winter when the cold and wind damage their delicate skin. Cracking also carries the risk of bacteria and other skin problems.

Prevention is the easiest way to save your lips before they get damaged. You'll save yourself the pain and redness.

How to prevent chapped lips? Here are some effective ways:

1. Before washing your face, apply conditioner. It will prevent water from entering.

2. Use almond oil.

3. Apply moisturizer at night. So your lips will absorb the most of its useful substances.

4. Apply cucumber on the lips for about 5 minutes in the evening. It deeply hydrates.

5. Breathe mostly through the nose to avoid further drying out the lips.

6. Use sunscreen.

7. Shea butter is very effective. It works wonders on lips and skin.

8. Chapped lips heal best when they are hydrated. Coconut oil is a good way to do it.

9. Always choose lipsticks that contain vitamin E. It hydrates deeply.

10. Use natural beeswax. It plumps the lips and makes them soft and he althy.

11. Drink orange juice. It is packed with vitamin C, which soothes damaged skin as it is a powerful antioxidant.

12. Apply petroleum jelly. This old fashioned method is actually very effective.

13. Aloe vera also helps. Natural aloe gel has amazing therapeutic properties.

14. Do not use matte lipsticks. They further dry out the lips.

15. Drink more water. It's important to hydrate your body so it can deal with skin damage.

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