The effect of thick juicy lips - how to achieve it?

The effect of thick juicy lips - how to achieve it?
The effect of thick juicy lips - how to achieve it?

There are few lucky women who have. The owners of such lips can only be proud, and the rest wonder what to do to decorate their face with such a naturally elegant attribute.

Instead of rushing to the beauty salon or dermatology office for some expensive procedure, see how you can make your lips worthy competition of Angelina Jolie's.


It is of utmost importance to use proper lip moisturizers. Suitable for this purpose are shea butter and vitamin E. They contain a palmitoyl oligopeptide formula that makes the lips more juicy and plump.


Not only the skin of the face and body needs exfoliation. Lips also need dead skin removal. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste. After brushing your teeth, move on to your lips. Exfoliating will remove chapping and make your lips fresh and he althy.

Use Honey

Anoint your lips with honey. It's a natural moisturizer that works by locking moisture into the skin, keeping lips soft, plump and tantalizingly sweet.


Lubbing the lips with glycerin mixed with vitamin E or wheat germ oil has a very effective effect, as well as a nourishing and soothing effect. Vegetable glycerin in its natural form is sold in biocosmetics stores.


It is important what conditioner you choose. It is best if your lip balm is made from spearmint with ginger extract. This type of balm has a hydrating and cooling effect. Ginger reduces inflammation and makes lips look he althy and attractive.


Use a gloss for fuller and luscious lips. It is preferable that it is enriched with vitamin E. Using dry lipsticks carries the risk of chapped lips and loss of moisture in the skin.

Always carry a lip gloss with either vitamin E or tea tree oil in it. It will soothe and moisturize the lips.

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