Different uses of lip balm

Different uses of lip balm
Different uses of lip balm

Lip balm is our savior on cold winter days. It protects lips from chapping caused by strong wind and dehydration.

But lip balm can save us in many other ways. It can also be used in other cases where our skin needs help.

What else should we use lip balm for?

For moisturizing injured skin

You can easily apply lip balm in other places, not only for intended purpose. The humectants in it are gentle and help to nourish and eliminate chapping on the skin, especially on the face where the skin is very delicate.

Softens the cuticles around the nails

The cuticles around the nails get rough easily in autumn and winter. You can restore their softness with the help of a lip balm. Apply conditioner to the cuticles every night for a week and see the results.

Soothes electrified hair

You can dab some lip balm on the unruly hairs. It neutralizes static electricity and smooths the hair. You will no longer need hairspray that dries it out.

Heals a sore nose

Autumn and winter are the two seasons in which you are constantly attacked by viruses and have a runny nose. Wiping results in irritation, red and cracked, scaly skin. Soothe her with lip balm.

Helps make-up last longer

Use lip balm instead of eyeshadow base. The balm helps prolong their retention on the skin.

Instead of blush

Use a lip balm with a pearly sheen and color that will give your cheekbones a fresh look. Dab some balm on your cheeks and blend with your fingers. A natural and gentle effect with shine and color will be obtained.

To smooth the bushy eyebrows

Your eyebrows stick out and even wetting with water doesn't help? Use lip balm.

Helpful in the prevention of calluses

Have you bought new shoes? To prevent calluses, apply lip balm to the potentially injured area. This will reduce the friction.

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