Common causes of chapped lips

Common causes of chapped lips
Common causes of chapped lips

Cracked lips are an unpleasant problem. In severe cases, chapped lips can even cause painful bleeding.

If you're wondering what could have caused you, here are a few reasons:

You are sunburned

Not only the body burns in the sun, the lips too. They are covered with delicate skin that can burn if you don't use a special lip balm, especially at the beach or in the mountains.

You may have an allergy

Allergies you don't suspect may be at the root of your chapped lips. Track down what is causing the cracking and eliminate it. If you cannot find out what the allergen is, consult a doctor.

Suffering from chronic chapped lips

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the truest. You may not believe it, but there is such a chronic problem.


You are dehydrated

When there is not enough fluid in the body, the skin suffers, and along with it, the lips. Drink more water, especially in the warmer months.

You breathe through your mouth

Some people breathe through their mouth instead of their nose. If you breathe through your mouth all night, as well as when you move actively during the day, your lips will crack much more often, even in warm weather.

You lick your lips often

Some people unconsciously lick their lips very often. They bite them, chew them, gnaw them with their teeth, which even leads to injury. Frequent wetting of the lips makes them chapped and cracked.

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