Dry and chapped lips suggest a number of he alth problems

Dry and chapped lips suggest a number of he alth problems
Dry and chapped lips suggest a number of he alth problems

During the winter months, it is normal for the lips to be drier, to crack. Cold wind and dehydration dry out the skin and can cause chapped lips to bleed. During these frosty days, we most often use a lip balm to deeply nourish them and make them softer.

But beyond these ailments caused by the cold, the condition of the lips can indicate a number of he alth problems that we otherwise do not notice.

The most common of them are:

If lip balm doesn't help and your lips are still severely chapped, you probably have anemia. It is due to iron deficiency in the body.

Cracked lips and slightly split corners of the mouth are signs of diabetes. In this disease, high glucose levels are the cause of the development of candida. This infection affects the condition of the lips.

If your lips feel unusually sensitive, this could be a sign of a nerve problem.

Many allergies cause swelling, cracking and redness of the lips, such as allergy to nuts, fish and seafood and others. Many women's favorite sodas also pose an allergy risk because some of them contain benzoic acid (a preservative).

Cracked lips can also be accompanied by the appearance of herpes, which suggests experienced stress or a weak immune system.

When the lips are too pale, you are likely to have heart and lung problems. There is less oxygen in the blood and this naturally affects the appearance of the lips as well, which can also be slightly bluish in color.

in the body it is also noticeable by the appearance of the lips.

When dry lips are accompanied by fever, swelling of the lymph nodes, redness of the eyes and tongue, this may also suggest Kawasaki disease. A disease that most often occurs in children (the reasons for its occurrence remain unclear). Detected in time it can be cured.

If, despite the balm you use, your lips do not improve, it is a good idea to consult a doctor. Remember to drink enough water and consume more vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables.

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