Major mistakes causing chapped lips

Major mistakes causing chapped lips
Major mistakes causing chapped lips

Cracked lips are painful, spoil your beautiful look and are a problem if you wear lipstick. Damaged skin always looks like rags when lipstick is applied.

What are the mistakes you make to get to the problem of chapped lips?

You are using the wrong formula

Not every lipstick suits every skin. Lips are one of the most delicate areas of the body that need special care. If you use lipstick with an unsuitable formula, it causes inflammation and irritation. Ask a specialist.

You wear lipstick nonstop

Wearing lipstick continuously all day long till late at night is bad for the lips.Some dyes in lipsticks cause drying of the lips. Don't make the mistake of applying more lipstick to quell irritation and dryness. Instead, apply a moisturizing balm before lipstick.

You're overdoing the conditioner

As with any useful thing, care must be taken with the conditioner. No matter how useful a product is, in excessive quantities it becomes harmful. Balms made from natural ingredients and oils are useful, especially home-made ones. Constant application of factory conditioner leads to skin habituation and accelerated drying.

Too much scrub

Exfoliating the lips is important to remove dead skin cells. But if you do the procedure too often, you risk damaging the lips and causing them to crack deeper.


During the summer, the lips crack due to the dry weather and the strength of the sun's rays. In winter, the cold also provokes accelerated cracking due to harsh atmospheric conditions.Then one seeks to warm oneself, most often through a cup of very warm tea. This is very harmful to the lips as it causes even deeper dehydration due to the high temperature.

Licking lips often

If you have this bad habit, force yourself to get rid of it. Frequent licking of the lips suggests an increase in moisture. While moist, the skin on the lips dries actively under the influence of wind and atmospheric conditions. So they become even more cracked than before.

You like spicy food

Spicy foods raise the temperature in the whole body. This also applies to the delicate skin of the lips, which first meets their "fire". The burning sensation caused by the heat can even cause pain in the lips. If you have a problem with chapped lips, avoid spicy foods.

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