Anti-aging regimen for fuller and plumper lips

Anti-aging regimen for fuller and plumper lips
Anti-aging regimen for fuller and plumper lips

As every part of our body ages with time, lips lose their firmness and elasticity. If we don't take care of them properly, they also lose their volume, which can reduce a woman's self-esteem. In addition to age, other factors, such as the influence of sunlight, vices (smoking, alcohol), genetic factors, can contribute to the accelerated aging of the delicate skin of the lips.

To counteract these processes, change your lip care regimen. Incorporate some helpful practices to restore the freshness and plumpness of your lips.


Just as you exfoliate the skin on your face, heels, elbows, thighs to stimulate cell renewal, you can make this practice a routine for your lips as well.They also need gentle exfoliation to maintain their elasticity, lusciousness and youthfulness. Exfoliation of the lips should be done very gently. Include appropriate emollient oils such as olive oil, almond oil, chamomile oil.

Invest in anti-aging products

Products enriched with hyaluronic acid and sun protection factor are of great importance for lip skin care. UV protection is important to reduce the harmful aging processes caused by sunlight. Hyaluronic acid supports the cells in their natural regeneration and restores the good shape of the lips.

Try a sealing product too

Thanks to new modern formulas, some lip glosses can help you bring back the lusciousness of the skin in this delicate area. They are enriched with vitamins A and E, peptides and moisturizing oils that work very well on the lips.

Rethink your diet

Care from the outside is not enough. What we eat has a huge impact on the condition of the skin, including that of the lips. To reduce the aging process in them, emphasize omega-3 fatty acids, foods containing collagen (fish, dark green leafy vegetables, berries), as well as those with natural vitamins and he althy fats, such as nuts.

Hydrate yourself

Drink enough water to balance the condition of the skin and fight its aging. Good hydration is key in fighting skin aging.

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