Dr. Guido Maronati: Gone is the fashion for big breasts

Dr. Guido Maronati: Gone is the fashion for big breasts
Dr. Guido Maronati: Gone is the fashion for big breasts

Immediately after the World Congress of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine in Monaco, the Italian specialist in plastic surgery Dr. Guido Maronati was in Bulgaria to present one of the newest technologies in the beauty industry – the third generation of lifting threads. Dr. Guido Maronati is an expert trainer and conducts trainings all over the world. He works in Milan, first working as a general surgeon but later falling in love with the precision of plastic surgery.

Dr. Maronati, what is thread lifting?

This is an easy way to achieve a lifting effect on the face, neck and body without surgical intervention.Usually, when we want to achieve this, the classic surgical intervention is applied. An incision is made, this leaves some kind of scar. Surgery carries risks. With this technique we achieve the same, but in 15-20 minutes without any risk. The first benefit of the method is lifting, and the second is that it improves the quality of the skin.


Can sutures replace silicone?

No. They are used for lifting. We can use them on the body - on the arms, chest, inner thighs. Lift yes but no volume. They are applied with local anesthesia, we do not use a scalpel, no wound is left.

You recently returned from the Plastic Surgery Congress in Monaco. What are the latest trends?

We talked about laser technologies, which are developing very quickly and are very important at the moment. Purely technical things in plastic surgery are already developed.

Do men resort to beauty treatments?

In the beginning when I started my career as a plastic surgeon out of 100 female patients I had one male. Now, however, at least 15-20% of patients are men. Currently, for men, the main procedures are rhinoplasty, liposuction and eyelid lift. Otherwise, the others are botox and laser treatment.

What is the taste of ladies according to their nationality?

I don't see a significant difference between the Italian patients and the Bulgarian ones. There is a difference with Brazilian women, for example, as well as Korean women. With the latter, it is noticeable that they usually seek to change the contour of the chin sometimes and even the shape of the eye. They want it to be rounder, more European type. The other difference is the size of the breast implants. Korean patients usually want very small implants. Bulgarian and Italian women prefer medium size. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more important for the size to look more natural, not to be large.

So we can say that the big breast fad is over?

Yes, as well as the big lips. In Italy 15 years ago it was fashionable to have big lips and big breasts, but not anymore. In addition, numerous studies have shown that when fillers or fat tissue are placed 3-4 times, the skin of the lips can no longer tolerate it and the shape is no longer good. Therefore, it is better to put small amounts. Then the effect is better. Another trend I notice is that most of the patients now prefer non-invasive procedures.

Which is the riskiest procedure?

The classic face and neck lifting procedure remains the riskiest. The reason is not in the complexity of performing it, but in the fact that there is a fascial nerve on the face, which, if affected, can cause paralysis of the face.

Are aesthetic procedures becoming more affordable? However, women without great financial means also want to look good.

There are ways to achieve this. Years ago there were only 2-3 companies producing lasers for our practice, now there are 40-50, even this alone can reduce the cost of the procedure and is a way to save money. For me, the important thing is to choose a serious, reliable doctor who uses reliable products.

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