Why do we get addicted to lip balm?

Why do we get addicted to lip balm?
Why do we get addicted to lip balm?

Have you ever felt like you are addicted to your lip balm? You are not alone! Almost every woman will agree that the more conditioner she puts on, the more she needs to do it again and again.

It turns out that this addiction has a logical explanation.

When damaged, our natural reaction is to moisturize them with a hydrating lip balm. However, most of them contain potentially irritating ingredients that have the opposite effect – they dehydrate the delicate skin of the lips.

Do not use balms containing camphor, salicylic acid, menthol, various fragrances. They are among the most harmful to the skin of the lips and cause a false temporary feeling of relief, and soon after you feel the need to apply lip balm again.

These products can irritate the lips and make them even more chapped than before, especially in harsher conditions.

The other potential reason why you feel addicted to your lip balm could be the presence of occlusive ingredients in the balm. They form a tight barrier between your lips and natural moisture. One such product is petroleum jelly.


It sticks extremely tightly to the skin of the lips, preventing its natural moisturizing mechanisms from working. The result is so-called "lazy lips" that do not produce enough moisturizing substances naturally. The skin "learns" that it doesn't have to "work" to moisturize the lips and relies on the balm. So you feel the need to apply more of the product to relieve cracking and tightness.

This, of course, does not mean that you should not use lip balms. Just do it in moderation. Avoid these products and replace them with products containing the ingredient lanolin.

This ingredient is semi-occlusive, meaning it creates a barrier between your lips and external harmful influences while allowing the skin to breathe and control its natural hydration processes.

This way, chapped lips will actually heal, not partially, and you won't feel the constant frantic need to slather them with balm. For best results, use homemade lip balms with natural oils.

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