Skin care according to blood type

Skin care according to blood type
Skin care according to blood type

Everyone has heard of the diet according to blood type. It turns out that skin care should also be tailored to our blood type. We share some beauty tips that will make you more beautiful.

Blood type A

Usually, the skin of A blood type ladies is not prone to sweating and is not oily unlike some other blood types. It is slightly cold to the touch, as the body temperature of people with this blood type is lower, with fine wrinkles. It is very important in winter not to go out without a nourishing cream and a suitable foundation tan.

It is important that the make-up has a light texture and allows the skin to breathe. In home beauty care, you can trust olive oil.It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins that nourish the skin, which will look smoother and more elastic. And last but not least, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Blood Type B

Ladies with blood type B are characterized by fine, thin, oilier and sensitive skin. Irritations often appear unexpectedly, and some skin diseases can be unpredictable. Any change in climatic conditions can be a prerequisite for a problem.

It is very important when cleaning your skin, in addition to using appropriate cosmetics, not to rub, as this will stimulate the release of more sebum. To offset the shine of the skin, apply pearlescent and shimmery shadows to your lids. Exfoliating products will leave your skin cleaner and smoother, but be careful how you choose your scrub.

The particles in it should be fine and gently cleanse the skin, not injure it. Apply liquid foundation and blush. Pink and golden shades are suitable for your skin. Shimmering brown eyeshadow and golden mascara will make you stand out.

Blood type AB

If you have this blood type, it is very important to use natural skin care products. Apply a egg white mask once a week This way the skin will be quickly nourished and aging processes will be slowed down. In addition, protein promotes the ability of red blood cells to absorb oxygen.

If possible, wash your face from time to time with mineral or spring water. Be careful with facial expressions, because facial wrinkles are easier to form with you. In case you get pimples, use green based concealers.

They are sold everywhere and cover up imperfections very well. Use bright colors of lipsticks and varnishes, silver, chocolate shadows.

Blood type 0

It is very important for you ladies to get enough hours of sleep because this is the main requirement for people with this blood type. Afternoon naps are also good for the beauty of your skin.

Use mild facial cleansers that do not dehydrate the skin. Ladies with this skin type tend to have large pores. Use a light foundation that has a sun protection factor.

Avoid greasy and spicy foods,sweets, as they cause your skin to synthesize more excess sebum.

A balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best regimen for you. Wear more fresh summer eye shadow colors like peach, apricot. Turquoise, but also royal blue and purple. Highlight the cheekbones with a light pink blush. Avoid layering makeup on the skin.

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