6 Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid

6 Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid
6 Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid

Washing your hair might be something you would do in your sleep, but that doesn't mean it doesn't require special techniques and attention to some common mistakes. Many people do not realize how a simple hygienic activity like washing the hair can actually lead to its exhaustion and the deterioration of the he alth of the scalp.

To make hair washing as beneficial as possible for your hair and its rapid growth, avoid some hair-damaging mistakes.

Washing hair without combing

Washing already implies tangling and tangling of the strands. Save this stress for your hair and gently comb it before washing.The correct technique is from the bottom up, not the other way around. When you work from root to tip, it flattens the hair even more and causes horrible knots. After washing, you may even need to trim these knots.

You don't consider the type of water

It's hard to predict this unless you've just bought a home and selected an area with suitable and gentle hair and skin water. However, it is important to note that hard water is very damaging to the hair and can cause breakage, breakage, dehydration, even scalp irritations.

Hot water usage

Too warm or hot water is harmful to the hair because it makes the hair susceptible to damage and takes away the moisture in it. High water temperature is also harmful because it removes the beneficial natural oils of the scalp that moisturize the hair.

Use of certain chemical substances in cosmetics

Many chemicals in industry are harmful even though they are allowed to be used.One of the most harmful for hair are sulfates. Always read labels before buying shampoo. Be sure to avoid using products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which damages hair, skin, and leads to an increased risk of hormonal problems and cancer.

You don't consider your hair type

Choosing a shampoo should also be tailored to your hair type. This way you will give her the most suitable care without damage.

You are using the wrong soaping and scrubbing technique

If after washing your hair is so tangled that the brush breaks in it, your technique is wrong. Instead of haphazardly wrapping your hair in different directions when you shampoo, just rub with your fingertips without twisting the strands in all directions. Emphasize the scalp, not the ends.

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